JustReview Knowledge Base

Mateusz Haber
Written by Mateusz Haber

Other Sites (Universial Tutorial)

The instruction shows how to embed the JustReview code on every page if you have access to the source files.

  1. Log in to the website app.justreview.co, set the widget you are interested in.
  2. Below the Customize and the Services section you can see the Live Preview window where all changes are shown in real time.
  3. From the Servies section, you can choose which services should be considered or displayed on your widget. When you set everything up the way you want then just click a button "Generate Code for your website".
  4. You will see a pop-up with information that should be entered on the page.
  5. Each code snippet has a copy icon in the upper right corner. The first piece of code should be placed before the closing body tag in the source code. The second item is the configuration object which represents the settings we have chosen. It should be placed immediately under the code from the first section. Otherwise, the widget may not work properly.
  6. The third element, if present, should be put where we want it to be displayed on the page.