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Mateusz Haber
Written by Mateusz Haber

How to use the 'Filter by page language' function

This article describes how it works and how to use the functions 'Filter by page language'.

  1. This feature is only available to JustReview Testimonials and JustReview Page in PRO plan and higher.
  2. Enabling only 'Filter by page language' it displays only those comments in the language of the page, and to be more specific, the lang attribute of the HTML tag is taken and only comments in this language are displayed.
  3. Include ENG - selecting this option causes that, in addition to displaying comments in the language of the page, comments in English are also displayed.
  4. Choose lang ISO code - this function allows you to manually set the language in which the comments on the website are to be displayed. The settings can be combined with each other, e.g. manually select the lang ISO code and include ENG. As a result, comments will be displayed in English and in the language chosen by us.