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Mateusz Haber
Written by Mateusz Haber

Wix - Code Embed Instruction

The instruction shows how to embed the JustReview code in Wix using the JustReview Testimonial widget example.

1.Create your widget in widget creator, then click "Generate code for your website".

2.Go to Wix Editor, then add HTML Box -> Edit Code.

In Code editor add all widget parts of code: 1. 2. and 3.

[IMPORTANT 1] Widget will NOT render in the WIX dashboard but after publication will show on your main website! :-)

[IMPORTANT 2]: Wix is a little bit tricky. Wix add all your code to iframe, so important is to add to domain whitelist at app.justreview.co: www-your-domain-com.filesusr.com (where www-your-domain-com is your wix domain, with dot (.) changed for dash (-)) OR JUST CLEAR your DOMAIN WHITELIST input (for work with any domain!)